Girls, how long should a good first date last?

Part 2 of the question... What is a fun first date? Just don't say a coffee, a meal, cinema or bowling please... especially you the rebel
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  • I'd say a couple hours is a good length. What I personally thought would be a fun and spontaneous first date would be going to the grocery store together. You each take a basket and grab whatever you're in the food for, everything that you like or looks good, anything that doesn't required cooking. Then picnic in a park or somewhere like that with all the snacks and junk food and soda and such that you bought together. You can just each pay for your own basket of food, so there's no who-pays mental debate, and then it's just enjoying each other's company while snacking on your favorite things. That sounds like an awesome date to me.

    • That's a great idea!

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    • Not gonna lie... Sounds awful

    • *shrug* Whatever. Good luck with ideas.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Lately mine turn into day-long affairs, and end with Facebook "in a relationship status"...

  • I was going to say bowling...😐

    How about an arcade? Or play pool.

  • My first date with my boyfriend was awesome. We spent 6 hours together!

  • A lunch date or coffee is a fun first date. I know you said don't say coffee. Hear me out-- dinners can be such a stressful situation and put too much pressure on one person or both. With a lunch or coffee the date doesn't have to be as long, less wait time, and it's not as crowded so you can actually focus on each other instead of being unable to hear each other over the noisy dinner rush.
    My first date with my boyfriend 6 years ago was at lunch and it was so nice. The place was empty and we got to focus on just is. Then when the date was over there was no pressure to keep it going.

    • I don't like talking or coffee...

    • Umm.. so you're just going to sit there and look at each other?

    • @kiwifun Yeah, totally what I meant

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