Girls, your take on chubby guys?

would you consider them dateable or even fuckable? whats the limit/dealbreaker? what if he had a 10\10 face and personality?


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  • If he has a bit of chub, not a big deal. I mean I'm active and I make healthy food so I'm sure if we got together he'd shed a few, but if he has a great face and personality, I could get past it and feel attracted to him.


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  • No they wouldn't,

    In the eyes of girls, Especially on the internet, If you dont look like this

    You are essentially worthless as a being.

    • That's not true lol

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    • I think I know what I like lol.. When I say slim I mean slim.. You don't need to be ripped. I just don't want a bulge. Healthy slim is all good.
      If I was talking to a guy and he took off his top and didn't have a six pack I'm not gonna run off.. It wouldn't even cross my mind.

    • Tell me, Which version of the same guy would you rather date?



      You picked 2, And so would every other girl on this planet...

      Like i said, Lets just stop denying this shit already, A Muscular toned body means EVERYTHING on a guy.

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  • Eh, I'd rather not date a chubby guy, cause I very much prefer guys on the slimmer side. But, if he really had everything else going for him, I probably could look past that.

  • Chubby is ok but his face better be cute and he better dress nice.

    • How about: a handsome face, has style, is cultured, with a dry sense of humour?

  • I like chubby guys. More to love

    • Stunning pic, def my kinda girl 😏

  • If you mean chubby in the European sense of the word (a little extra meat) then it's no problem!
    I would honestly take a guy with a cute or gorgeous face and great personality over a guy with a 6 pack anyday.

    Here's the deal.

    In my opinion, a 6 pack is for men trying to make up for something; an ugly face or a vapid personality. I've dated a lot of guys, and all of the ones who spend too much time on their appearance don't have much else to talk about other than gym and food.

    Secondly, as a woman I prefer a man with more meat cus it's more masculine, and I don't want to feel bigger than the guy I'm next to. So im sorry but skinny guys are out of the equation too.

    The best thing you can have is confidence, believe you're the best, believe you have everything to offer a girl and she will believe it too!


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  • Usually if a girl says she likes a chubby guy, it's likely because she's a little chubby her self. Let's be real here, most guys and most girls like a good fit toned body on their partner. I said most, not all.

    • true, but thats idealistic

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