When your bored and alone one day?

there's days where there's just nothing to do and that day is today. Sad thing is, i just broke up with my girlfriend. she's probably out and about doing something fun with her man, while im at home doing this. Anyone else have this problem?


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  • I usually sleep because I have such a busy life.

    All you can do is occupy yourself instead of thinking about her.
    Trust me, it will drive u nuts !

  • So you just broke up and she's out and about doing something fun with her man? Was she in a relationship while you were with her? (btw sorry for being nosey)

    Anyway don't make an assumption. Maybe she was bored and alone as well

    • We've been broke up. The thought of her being out and about (even if she's not) with her man, kills me. This guy she has cheated on with me by the way, but she's also cheated on me with him multiple, multiple times. But they are still together 4 months later after all this cheating, and it makes no sense. Salvage a relationship after cheating once, maybe. But as many times as she has? No way.

    • Well I guess that's something that you need to discuss with her as well as him having a discussion with her

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