Is it because we work together?

I have a guy friend I work with I like him and known him for almost a year. We talk at work when his guy friends aren't around but when their around we don't talk like that we used to hang out and go to dinners etc.. He texts me sometimes and we have good conversation I just think that he doesn't feel the same way like I do towards him he's going to the same college as me and we work together is it because we work together and go to school together he only sees me as a friend? he hasn't said he sees me as a friend I'm just assuming or am I overthinking or it could be that he has a lot on his plate as far as going back to school and working? At work today he kept starting at me up and down checking me out then he said why I kept staring at him I said you looked at me first then he started laughing.. I don't know I think I'm over thinking it...


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  • You're overthinking.


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