Can a girl tell a guy that she just want to hook up with him but not wanting a relationship?

I have been seeing this guy for 2 months. We have great sexual chemistry and can hang out like friends. The last date we went on 10 days ago we had fun hanging out but didn't have sex cause I was on my period. We had dinner and for the first time it seems like he cares about my life and help me sort out my issues at work. After dinner he told me he's going to a baseball tournament out of town for the weekend (which is true cause someone upload a pic of him in a group photo that weekend at the baseball tournament)... but I never heard back from him again the next 10 days.

From my perspective, I just want to continue the hook up but not wanting to pursue a relationship wtih him. It's genuine as I don't ever seem him as a long term boyfriend/husband material.

Should I reach out to him and just tell him what I think?


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  • Sure, honesty is perfect


What Girls Said 1

  • Just tell him straight up


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