Insecure about my acne around my boyfriend?

I haven't seen my boyfriend in three months. He's finally coming over tomorrow and it's stupid but I'm really worried about how my skin looks atm. I have tons of pimples covering my forehead and it's disgusting and just ugh. It's even worse because we were talking about cute things to do and he said he wants to try to do my makeup for me and the thing about that is, one. I would have to go without makeup in front of him for the first time. And two. He's not gonna want to touch my face while it's all gross and covered in pimples. Are there any overnight remedies that would help me and if not can someone at least offer some advice? Please and thank you :) xx


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  • Acne sucks! Believe me, I've had it and had it for years. The best thing you can do is use natural things for it. Such as Dead Sea mud. Its supposed to be really really good for the body especially for the face. Also coconut oil is good too. Eat lots of fruits and vegies and that should help a lot dont wear a whole lot of makeup because it could clog your pores and make it even worse.

  • Just tell him you have a break out.
    You'd be surprised at how little he cares.
    He wants to be with you.
    Acne marks won't matter to him.
    He will still love you the same.


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