I'm dating this Great girl we have a connection been on a few dates. Is it odd we live 3 hours away and I talk2 her once a Week should I 2 her more?

She invited me to her place to go horseback riding next weekend and I'm gonna cook dinner for her and have her help me I enjoyed spending time with her after the 1st couple dates. I LIke her and she surprised when I didn't pause and go um.. she lives 3 hours away. Weekends is the best time to talk or I'm for a hour or two. Or meet


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  • considering the fact that you dont exactly live close enough to see eachother more often and it sounds as if she's already your girlfriend (correct me if im wrong) you should deffinetly talk to her more often. if its getting serious i mean. if ur just dating and not officially together yet then maybe its not necessary but if she's ur girl show her more attention. just never too much, know when enough is enough cause people need their space sometimes.

    • We've been texting once a week since our 1st date a few weeks ago and emailing a month before. I kissed on our 2nd date a couple weeks ago. That way we can talk on Tuesday's. I am looking for a job this week in Richmond so I can move there it would knock off 80 min off the time. She hasn't brought up the idea of being BFgf. if she's was my girl I would talk to her twice a week or make a effort to talk once if we're gonna meet that weekend. Is there a way to ask her and figure out. I work 30hrs a week and starting up a small bakery.

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    • She txted xo first how often should the guy text xo or kiss face. Im newish to love emogis and feel dumb 4 asking

    • as often as you feel necessary whenever ur talking and u feel like u would kiss her if she was right next to u then send a kiss emoji

  • do you text? sometimes thats helpful to do during the week


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