I broke up with her. Why does it hurt, then?

1. Is that normal?
2. Is it because I didn't really get to tell her why and keep her from feeling like there's something wrong with her?
3. Maybe I still feel for her, and wish my reasons for breaking it off weren't valid?
4. Do I feel selfish for breaking up with her because I wasn't ready for a relationship even though she's probably the most interesting human being I've met so far?
5. Is #4 a normal feeling?
6. Perhaps I've figured this out while I was typing the questions, and I'm just kind of venting now?


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  • It is normal, but I think you should tell her why you broke up with her. In the mean time, try to figure out if you are just scared of being in a relationship. Labels are not that big of a deal, you know.


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  • its totally normal.


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