Girls, I think I've already screwe up my chances with this girl. What can I do better?

Met this girl online about a week ago. Chatted and finally had our first date yesterday. We went out to dinner (I paid) then she drove us to get some beer and we sat on the beach and talked for a while.
Afterwards she drove me back to my car. I was super nervous at only that point. I knew I wanted to kiss her but wasn't sure what she wanted. I ended up not up not kissing her (mistake #1)

We texted later that night, and today. That night she texted me before she went to bed and said "Thank you for tonight I had a blast! I really like you :)"

I've been texting her most of the day today expect for when she was at work. I don't know I feels like I'm missing something. Like I'm not flirting with her enough or something. I don't know. I guess I'm just paranoid bc this girl is very beautiful and is everything I could ask for in a partner... I don't want to fuck it up.

any advice or tips of what I should do would be great!! Thanks!!


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  • I think it's very sweet of you. For a first date I perceive this kind of behavior as respect.
    Though, if I nothing happens on the second date I would start wondering if I'm attractive enough.

    You should ask her out again, and if you feel like kissing her is too much for you, try to hold her hand first to see how she reacts. You don't have to feel pressured, just don't overthink it.
    But I think you could go for the kiss, she wouldn't have told you that she likes you if she didn't feel that way.

    The guy I am currently dating is very shy. He just gave a peck on lips at the end of our first date and literally ran away. At the moment I was puzzled but now I think he just didn't want to seem like the kind of guy who come on too strong.


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  • Just relax and show her that you like her if she didn't like you she wouldn't have sent you a text saying she liked you. Take a chance and ask her out on another date and don't be so nervous to kiss her this time 😄

  • you should relax.


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