Why do all the men date shorter women?

First of all I'm not saying that dating a short person is a bad thing at all. Everyone has a soul mate, but why do the taller men seem to date the shorter women. I mean my friend is pretty tall for a girl and she's really nice and attractive but all the tall guys are taken by short girls. Isn't it easier to kiss and cuddle with a girl who is shorter than you but still close to you height?


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  • Well I'm about 5' 4" or something, if you consider that short. Some guys have told me it's cute, or that they like to sort of feel big in comparison to a girl so they like it when a girl's shorter. I've also heard guys say they don't want to be shorter than a girl so they want a girl who won't tower over them in heels!

    I can sort of identify in the reverse way - I like to feel small and delicate so if I'm with a taller guy, I get to feel small by comparison. There's something that feels very safe about being in the arms of a guy that's significantly bigger than you. Perhaps guys want to feel like a good protector so they want to feel bigger than the girl. Bit of a macho thing I guess!

    But having said that, not all guys are like that. And if by 'shorter' you mean average sorts of heights, so shorter than your friend, maybe it's just more likely that those guys would have met shorter girls. There are definitely guys that love the elegant look of tall girls, guys that don't really care about height, guys that are REALLY tall and want someone closer to their height, etc so it's not like there isn't anyone there for her. She just has to find them =]


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  • It's different kissing a woman that's about your height. Not worse, but different. We don't have the sense of "sweeping her off her feet" if she's really close in height.

    I went with a woman who is 4" shorter. When she wore high heels we were about the same height. It wasn't intimidating, but it really felt strange (and wonderful) when she put her arm around my neck as we walked!

    Cuddling --- not much difference.


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  • I never understood that either. I'm 5'0 and my boyfriend is 5'11. I also noticed that taller men date shorter women. I want to know the answer to this too. Either way its adorable when a short women dates a tall women!

    • I just clicked the report button and I didn't mean to, I meant to click the comment box!! To any mods that see this - mistake of the mouse!

      Anyway... lol did you mean a short man or did you men a lesbian relationship?

    • Oh jesus! I meant a tall man! I just say that! Christ I'm so embarssed!