2 question here?

1) How to tell iif someone is a bf/gf material?
2) If ur partner is really lacking of emotional support than physical support, will u still date him/her?


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  • If he's a kind and understanding person that doesn't rush things, takes his time to let you in his comfortzone, and waits patiently until you do the same.

    And. If I don't see that I get the affection I'm looking for... I'll talk about it, in hopes it would change. If it doesn't change, I'll find somebody else.


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  • i think its just a feeling that you get. and no i would not.


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  • I'm curious. 1 question id say you enjoy spening time with them they make feel happy you think about them when they're gone. There affectionate there interested in what's going on in your life make u feel good about yourself


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