Is it wrong to be dating/meeting multiple girls at the same time?

I don't want to be hurt anymore, so i want to meet a couple of nice ladies, but not get into a relationship just yet. by meet i dont mean hookup, i mean, cinema, coffee, ice skating etc.


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  • yes it is, you're being a player. Date one girl at a time

    • why? girls meet all kinds of guys at one time and i'm not allowed?

    • not all girls do that. for me, i will be loyal to one, unless that guy doesn't wants me then i'll move on

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  • As long as the other girls know it's fine.

    • why would i tell them? thats basically saying " hey, i just want to hang out, put me into your friendzone" -_-

      is casual dating not a thing? even tho the female gender do it all the time?

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    • Oh and do they know it's just casual dating?

    • i haven't dated anyone yet xD i was just looking for some opinions. i would rather date only one, but that puts me into the old position of coming of needy/creepy so fk that lol

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  • If each girl knows the situation and where they stand before getting involved, it's fine

    • think of it like this, you think this one girl is cute, blah blah* you ask her out, not too casual but also not to forward, as far as I've experienced, girls talk and meet up with other guys at the same time on a daily... :/

  • I say fair game to a certian extent. But by the 3rd or 4th date you should really know what you want.

    • true, but by the 3rd date i would have a good picture of the person i'm meeting up with.

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