After the 1st date I saw him at a party and he completely ignored me?

So I had a 1st date with this guy I met on OkC, and I thought it went really well. After lunch he asked if I wanted to get dessert and the whole date ended up lasting 3.5 hrs. We had good conversation & joked around a lot, and he mentioned future date ideas. We also found out we have lots of mutual friends & that we were going to the same party that very night (what a coincidence!). When I saw him a few hours later at the party I went up to talk to him, and he just turned red, stuttered something and turned away. I was so shocked.. and the whole night he didn't come talk to me, but I noticed he kept looking at me from across the room (he also added me on FB haha). I'm not sure what to think.. I'm pretty hurt he just turned away when I tried to talk to him. Does this mean he's not interested/won't be asking me out again?


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  • Maybe his girlfriend was at the party... It sounds like he was not ready to announce to his friends that you two were dating. He may have wanted to keep it just between the two of you for a while and see how things went before letting anyone else know. Or he may have been interested in another girl there at the same time. Or, he may not really be interested in you and was simply being polite during the date. Either way, if he is embarrassed to be seen with you, drop him.


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  • He didn't want to let it be known that he knew you because his friends were there m
    Perhaps he wants to get to know you better before he let's the two words intervene.
    I would ask him about this.
    I'm sure he will be willing to tell you.


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  • Hmmm that's confusing. I think he's definitely still interested in you since he wanted to go on another date and he was staring at you at the party. But his response when you tried to talk to him was really strange. Maybe he was embarrassed or nervous for some reason?


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