When your gf/bf asks if she/he is hot you answer?

I'd like to know how many of you have got asked by their bfs/gfs if the man/woman that is walking on the other side of the street is hot? and you said "oh no he/she isn't hot at all" when in fact that person is hot as f***k.

Is this what each of us say to our significant other when we are in a relationship? Why? And also why do you ask that question? Most likely you will be mad because he/she might think that person is hot.
  • i say it to my gf/bf all the time
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  • i dont say it. i avoid the question.
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  • i tell my gf/bf straight up. yes he/she is hot
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  • I'd answer truthfully.


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  • My girl would know how I am when it comes to attraction. She'd know that if she has to ask more than likely that girl is hot as fuck to me. So what? I see hot girls all the time. Doesn't mean I'll be fucking them later. That's exactly what I'd tell her too.


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  • I'm with her in the first place because I find her really attractive


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