Should I date my ex's brother?

I dated my ex for about 9 months... Our relationship was mostly sexual and only certain people from his family knew we were together even though I ended up falling in love with him... His brother supposedly never knew... Until I told him a month before my ex broke up with me... My ex broke up with me by breaking my heart and telling me he had a girl... ever since his brother contacted me, he's been after me even though I had told him the situation and he knew what his brother did... He told me to f*** his brother and move on that he was a jerk for doing what he did to go with him instead... I started talking to him because I wanted information about my ex, but I'm really enjoying our talks and it has been 6weeks since my ex and I broke up... I still love my ex and I think I'm talking to his brother because it keeps me closer to my ex... Is this wrong to do?
Totally wrong and its not happening


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  • No you should not date you ex's brother is anyway, what is wrong with you?


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  • Being it Is the sticky situation that it Was with your "EX," here, dear, your own reason for the season for 'Talking to his brother' are Not right nor fair.
    However, with keeping open lines of convo open with a friendship to Begin a potential Beguine, I see no Big harm in being a Friend and just keeping it lite and semi sweet at the moment.
    Who knows what Old Mother Nature may have in store for you both. I have heard many a case such as this one, that with nurturing and nursing a nice budding bud relationship, the tables then turn, the past isn't a blast anymore, and the newbie couple find a ripe ol' romance that have reaped from the seeds that were Unexpectedly planted by God's 'Happening' Hand.
    Good luck. xx

    • This Joe Schmo broke your heart and dumped you for another girl. If you and the bro Happen to fall in love, what would Joe care? He didn't want you and being the bro is showing some interest, go slow with a friendship First and make sure our reasons are for genuine ones and not to get back with the Ex or to Get back at him. xx

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