You take your girlfriend to a music concert and she is invited on stage?

You take your girlfriend to a music concert and she is invited on stage by some big singer, Justin Bieber etc.

He then asks for a kiss, and your girlfriend kisses him on the lips with tounge.

What would you do when she gets back?
  • Ignore it
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  • Say congrats
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  • Break up with her
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  • Get angry and ask why she would do that
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  • Go up on stage and beat him
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It appears here, dear, that your loving, devoted 'Girlfriend,' got caught up in the moment with the love potion and the notion of having Fame with her good Fortune surrounding her For... All to see.
    She may have not even realized that when she was lip locking with Him that the tongue somehow was slipped in there as a Normal Habit, with swapping spit as well. Of course it is no excuse for her to have done this but it was just a Once in a lifetime thing that will most likely never happen again in This... Lifetime.
    Sit her down and put you horns aside. If you love her and she has been this loyal dog up to Now, let's say, tell her you are upset and this really bothered you and if anything like This happens again in this 'Lifetime' with Any man, you are giving her Her Walking papers and telling her to walk off a short Plank... Point Blank.
    It may take awhile to get past it, I understand this, but try and not let it get in the way of your relationship where you are fighting like cats and gos at any give moment. cool down and try and have no fighting matches.
    Be a lover, not a fighter.
    Good luck. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Christ if it was Justin Beiber I would be on the stage with my hands locked round his throught before the end of the first song... but in answer to your question: I would talk to her about it. Depending on HOW she delivered the kiss it might not bother me in the least, or it might really bug me. It's not something worth breaking up over, but if it did irk me Ild talk it out.


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What Girls Said 4

  • If my boyfriend even thought about taking me to a Justin Bieber concert. I would break up with him instantly


    ''I love you - but I would totally make out with a famous singer''
    Dafuq is wrong with all 'ya Love xD

  • This is kind of a messed up situation. I understand being invited on stage, but why would the girl randomly kiss the singer? That would be kind of odd if it happened.

  • tit for tat, dude
    you just got a pass to do the same


What Guys Said 5

  • i'd play it cool and scream "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" along wid da rest of da crowd

    then after da concert i'd pretend nothing happened.

    cool ain't i? 8)

  • I'd get up on the stage and beat the shit out of the performer until security took me away.

    I would also break up with that girlfriend.

  • if she kissed Beiber I would disinfect her from head to toe inside and out

  • I'd laugh it off, she's not going to see him again anyways.

  • I would definitely dump her.


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