Was I too hard in rejecting him?

This guys is kinda an acquintance, I know him very briefly. And last night he was hitting on me and I wasn't interested because you hooked up with a friend of mine before. And it's just weird and I don't want sloppy seconds you know.

Anyways he said "I think you're really pretty but you're probably way out of my league", which is just flattery. So I said thank you and told him I still remember him hooking up with my firend to which he said "So what, she's on a different continent now" which is an outragous statement so I just left
But he followed me and kept grabbing my arm or waist, so I kinda pushed a mutual friend of our between the two of us. Later that friend told me he didn't mind being a human barrier but he thought I was being too hard on the other guy. He said I should have given him chance and that I didn't have to make him feel like a weirdo by holding onto another guy.

And well I don't think I was too hard. Why shoul I have given him a chance? Clearly we don't feel about sex the same way.
And ya I was holding onto a friend, who was a guy because he kept touching me even after I repeateadly pushed his hand away. I mean I know this happens a lot but is it really acceptable these days?


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  • Na, I think you did the right thing.


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  • Don't give him a chance.


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