Need some help on this one. Woman of my dreams became distant, now she will barely talk to me?

So my girlfriend started to become distant a week before I was coming home. Before that everything was going great. We have been dating for a few months now. I called her out on being distant, and she said she had serious feelings that she jumped into our relationship too fast, and it had nothing to do with me being away. I told her I am more than willing to communicate and take things slow if we have to. She wouldn't text or answer calls. She is working a lot, but she responded to a text I sent and said she is still in love with her ex, who treated her horribly. They broke up a while ago. She has serious feeling for me also. Always telling me how lucky she is to have me and how I'm such a gentleman, how good I am to her, the best lover she ever has had. This is weird to me and something doesn't seem right. So I don't know where we stand in our relationship, dating still or not. I feel if I bother her more, it will push her away. All I want to do is talk with her in person and have an adult conversation about this.
What else do I do besides not contact her?
Will she contact me back?
What is your take on the matter?
So an update. She says she doesn't want to get back with the ex.


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  • If it were me , and I am being very serious here ; don't initiate any more communication with this girl. Just give her some space and time to evaluate what she has and what she can loose by continuing this cat and mouse game she is playing. She may in fact still love this ex who really knows ; she may even go back to the jerk. But with what ever choice she makes you know that you didn't force her hand thus driving her to her decision. I have no doubt that the not knowing ( no replies or not accepting your calls ) is eating you up , but just ride it out to what ever end. If you choose to contact her just let her know that you are going to back off for now and this decision is hers to make , but you would appreciate her letting you know what it is when she figures it out. Good luck bruh

    • I agree with you. in the end you can't make the choice for her. If you need to vent your frustration, go punch a traffic sign or something haha, it hurts but it can help. As i've never experienced this (since i've never really have had a real relationship) i can't truly understand what your going true. But i think about these think frequently so i can imagine. Good luck bro, if it turns out bad. try to forgive her and move on. Cheers!

    • In the end there isn't anything more that you can do but wait and hope that she don't rip your heart and guts out by dragging her azz out making her decision

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  • Honestly, anyone who can treat you like that is not the woman of your dreams, no matter how much you like her. The effort needs to be reciprocated, and her lack of it shows where she stands emotionally. She's just not in it the way that you are, and trust me if she were this would not be the case. You could try asking her to meet you so you guys can talk, but honestly, it sounds like you could walk away with your hands clean. Especially since she can't seem to act like an adult and just be upfront about what she wants.

    • She wanted to meet in person, but bailed on it I guess. She said I was being extremely persistent and all I wanted was to talk.

    • Well of course you're persistent (if that's even the case), you want to know what the status of your relationship is. Maybe you can try to get her on the phone if she won't meet face to face, but I really think you have your answer. It's not fair for her to keep dodging you and it's not fair to string you along while she decides whether she wants to leave you or not. It's cold-hearted, and if I were you I wouldn't allow her any more of my time. Let her be single while she decides if she wants her ex back, instead of ignoring you.

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