I'm not sure on how to handle this?

It's only been over a week !! Lol but I have been talking to a lovely guy who wants the same things as I do , relationship etc we have both been cheated on in the past so we both have trust issues. Feels like we have known each other for years !!! He texts me constantly and sends pictures of his family , and on Facebook he tags me in cute quotes. But today he told me an ex texted him saying she misses him , I felt a little put off by this :/ he said he isn't interrested in her because he has his eye on me and he really likes me a lot ! . It's all nice but I don't know what to think or say about it all. I do feel like just moving on from him now , did he tell me about his ex to help me feel I can trust what he's telling me because he does like me?
Why has hold me about her?
I'm not bothered about it I'm just thinking he's really chasing me and it's all to soon


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  • I don't think your ready for a relationship if him confiding information like that you doing a 360 like this your trust issues will destroy this relationship out the water. You say your not bothered but obviously you are and if it's feeling too soon on top of that your just not ready yet. He just told you to confide in you also to be upfront and trustworthy.

    • You are right ! Maybe I'm not ready , but he's really into me and I'm not sure what to say to him :/ he's lovely ,

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  • If you don't believe him now then how can you trust him in the future? This is doomed before it even begins


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  • Nothing, it sounds like you have trust issues and need to work on yourself.

    • I like the guy but obviously don't really know him , I just don't understand why he told me his ex texted

    • Its a common thing guys do to get girls more interested in them. That could be the case but I am not certain.

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