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I haven't really dated in about 20 years so I'm not really sure how to read men anymore. I have a friend I have been hanging out with for about the last year and have developed a crush on him. Recently my crush asked me to attend a concert with him and then a few days later introduced me to some of his friends. During the meeting he stated "she was the one at the party wearing...". My friends tell me that is a sure sign he's interested in me as well. I was wondering if that s true and also do men talk about women with their friends? As I was leaving I overheard one of his friends say..."holy hell she's hot". I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing between a guy liking me or just being nice and friendly...


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  • I believe he is likely interested in you. Make sure to be yourself though and learn about his personality. If you have a relationship, you want a decent ling term one based on love and mutual admiration than on just sex because "she's hot".

    • We have been friends for a year... but I just recently met 3 of his closest friends... one of them said that to him and I was just wondering if men talk about women... cause we women talk about y'all ;)

    • We do but usially not to the same extent as females. Rarely are we chatterboxes unless we have a broken heart. Then it is like we are emotionally drowning and frantic to find a solution to getting her back so we will be obsessed and talk to anyone.

    • Ahhh... good to know!

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