Guys, If you see a woman as just a friend, would you do these things?

I am really confused here. I amd him were friends but not close, and last month we planned to meet and we did- after over 5 years of lame contact. It was very great to spend time with him and made me really feel like a special friend.
The issue here is that long time ago we liked each other, but we couldn' t date because of distance and we were not close. He admitted that later. I told him too.

When we met again things were very cool. It would never happen, I believe, when two people are apart with weak communication for long- but it happened. We feel like we have known each other since eternity. We would talk and hang out all day, he would take care of me and take me to gereat places and we talk about deep things etc. We keep a lot of eye contact- many times it's like magnet: we are not talking but we would turn and exchange a long glance with a smile. He would say I am beautiful etc.

I am asking this because we have a history of liking each other in the past, and I wonder if he still sees me that way.
Could it be that he likes me still and knows it might be leading nowhere because we have huge geographical distance between us?

I feel he still likes me, but he could have said it!

Guys, what do you think? Would you treat female friend like thar


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  • He's not sure how you feel. If he doesn't feel like you're into him, he won't try anything. So that's the problem.

    • I don't want to tell him I like him. That's the issue. My pride doesn' t let me to tell him I like him because it will be very frustrating to me if he says he doesn't. He gave me a letter later and he could have said it.

    • Well then have fun playing a waiting game and hoping he makes a move. at least flirt with him.

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  • What do you think? Would you treat him differently because you've decided to stay just friends for so long even though there was interest?

  • I hate my BFF so anything is possible.

  • I'd never be friends with a girl


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