Guys, does he or does he not want to see me again?

This guy who's a member at my gym flirts with me all the time invited me out w him and his friends. I didn't really like him except as a friend and he knew it bc of things I'd say to him at the gym. We've known each other for a year. long story short we had a really great time & towards the end he puts his arm around me & kisses me and him, me and his friends go back to his apartment and hang out cause its late. We are both 29 years old by the way so going to his apt is not a big deal. I tell him I don't want to have sex and he was sweet about that so we just made out and cuddled and talked all night & I stayed over. Next morning, he spooned me and kept kissing my head as he held me then we just talked a lot. Pillow talk its called and we teased eschother & laughed & learned about each other. He kept trying to convince me that he wasn't the "manhore" that I thought he was all this time and he said "he's actually a little lonely and feels he's old and washed up" I said "I'm the same age so I guess I am too" & he said "no no you are definitely not old, you're young and beautiful and super attractive. Me I'm ok I'm not the best looking guy" I told him that's not true but he just told me in a joking way to shut up and he alluded to knowing I liked this other guy at my gym who also flirts with me, he said it's fine but he kept saying he's smarter than this other guy and the other guy is 10 years older than him and said this guy was an idiot, a nice guy but an idiot" he asked if I liked this other guy a little less after knowing that & I said yes. anyway after we talked lying in bed he asked me if I was hungry and he said I'd make you breakfast but they shut off my gas so would you like to go out for breakfast? I told him yes. After breakfast he gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and told me "dont be a stranger, you have my number now use it , I'm always around" and said I'll see you at the gym on Monday. he then texted me an hour after to send me sill
To send me silly things & ask how I was feeling. Now in the past he would always call me the good girl and how I'm not the type to sleep around and how I'm definitely girlfriend material


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  • He wants to see you again it could hardly be more obvious.


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  • Yeah, he wants to see you again. :)

    • I think you're right bc he texted me again last night just to tease me and kept sending me funny things & every time I said he was funny/laughed he would send more. Is that a good indicator? or does he just want to be friends?

    • That IS a good indicator, and he MIGHT just want to be friends. Only time, and more conversations, will enable you to tell. Good luck. :)

  • Maybe he is waiting to see if you are loyal?


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