Can it turn into something more?

Has anyone had a friends with benefits scenario turn into a relationship?

I have major feelings for my friends with benefits and want to know if there is a chance it could be something more.

I told him how i felt over text.
It went like this:
"I'm falling for you... Rather fast and unexpectedly :o"
His reply was: "Ooh... is that a bad thing?"
Me: "lol not at all. I just know that you probably won't date me exclusively which could be a bad thing"
Him: "honestly, i don't know what i want. I do know i enjoy your company though"

What are your thoughts on his messages?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe he is starting to develop mutual feelings


What Girls Said 1

  • Basically he doesn't know what he wants or he does but doesn't want to hurt your feelings but he might prefer the friends with benefits more then a relationship. Maybe you should either put your feelings aside or stop the friends with benefits because it seems to me you will end up getting hurt


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