I keep dreaming that my boyfriend cheating on me? help please :( ?

Lately ( the last 6 days ) i have been dreaming about my boyfriend cheating on me everyday , i always wake up scared and about to cry and my heart hurts me , its really tough actually i know its because i am afraid my long distance boyfriend cheats on me cuz we argued often those days but i know he loves me and i love him too a lot , i also told him about those dreams he just laughed then i said u won't cheat on me he said no i said u didn't before he said no i didn't but i can't beleive him 100% i tend to like to control his life which is bad i know ; before we spent much time together cuz he just studied now that he works we spend less time but we do talk everyday on Skype for like 2 hours or so , thats why i always feel like he has time to cheat on me or see another girl when he is at work, when he goes out with his friends after work he sends me pictures and he goes out only with guy friends , i just dont trust him like before I don't know why.. maybe online i am afraid he would make another girlfriend .. it ruins my life cuz i feel bad everyday due to my insecurity whats wrong with me? how can i trust him? and make my situation better?
Thank you.


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  • It makes sense actually.

    Sorry, dream interpretations in 2.. 1..
    If you see your partner cheating on you, this is a sign that you are "afraid of being neglected" by the ones you love. You should consider, as there might be "something missing" in the relationships you are having, which is why you are having those fears.

    Since you're long distance, perhaps you
    feel like you're missing out on something.

    How far away is the distance?
    Perhaps you could arrange a meeting
    at one point?

    • Yes i do feel like he neglected me since we talked so much and now we just talk when he comes back from work , i even had doubts about his love for me i asked him he said i really love you and i know he didn't lie cuz he is really sincere i even told him break up with me if u dont want to take care of me and dont love me several times but he doesn't like the idea of break up he doesn't want to break up. as for the distance its actually so far he is in Korea and i am in Algeria its like 10000 km far ( i know its really far and most people say its impossible for us to be tgthr ) But we r together for like more than one year and we r serious about the relationship ( at least i am ) he even thought about the religion cuz he said he loves me , I plan to meet him next month if i can and he said if its expensive he would come to my country , he is also afraid about the distance and he thinks often of our future as a couple :( its really scary all those things make me feel bad ,,

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    • Its tough not thinking about him during the day even when i go out or do anything haha i will try that and i hope iT stops ^^ thank you for your help ♡

    • Not a problem.

      I wish you all the best of luck. ^.^

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  • I think being long distance it's bound to put pressure on you
    but there should be trust on both ends of your relationship
    maybe he should send you care packages with stuff in it
    and some cards so you both can feel a more tighter bound
    i will say if i had a girlfriend and she was long distance i would
    do my best to make the bond special between us , hey I'm the man
    so it would be good if i would send her care packages, cards
    this way she can feel that I care and feel that special bond.


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