Co-worker flirting or just being nice?

So I have met this guy at work and we seem to get along very well right off the bat. He was struggling a bit with his training so I offered to help. We seem to talk quite a bit since then. When we do he is allows lightly teasing me or trying to get me to smile. He knew I was good with computers so asked me for help out side of work with non work realted stuff. We met up at a resturant he suggested and used the small computer screen as what it seemed like an excuse to sit really close to me to where our knees were touching. When I picked on him the started to tickle me. I feel like these are all signs he is flirting, but I have been out of the game for awhile and don't know what to make of his behavior because I don't what to read to much into it. Opinion and advise are welcome.
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  • Yep, sounds flirtatious to me! Do you like him? What type of relationship do you want with him? Also, is he single? I've observed quite a few of my male (taken) colleagues flirt a little with the few females at work, but it seems like they mostly do it for fun. I think some can also do it in the hopes of getting some action. What tells those apart from the guys who have pure intentions is the type of conversation they will have with you - does he seem genuinely interested in getting to know you, by asking questions about what you like and dislike, do in your spare time, goals, family, background... etc, etc... or is it more him trying to impress you with his stories? Does he laugh at your jokes, even when they aren't really that funny? Is he always super helpful to you? Those are good indicators of a guy looking for something a bit more meaningful.

    • I do like him he is very sweet and polite. He is always look for my advice, but also trying to help me too. My problem is I don't want anything too serious or fast. Like I said I've been out of it for awhile and not sure really how to go about this.

    • He does sound really nice! You can show your interest by inviting him to eat lunch with you, and asking him for help with problems if that is at all possible. Ask him questions about himself and just get to know him like that, if he's not totally dense, he will hopefully understand that you like him and ask you out sooner or later. And then... you control the pace! Smiling, keeping eye contact and if you think you can, innocent touching like on the arm or shoulder would also show him that you like him eventually.

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  • Flirting. He likes you.

  • he's flirting.

    • Thank you, but do I mimic it if I'm trying to flirt back? May seem like dumb questions but not sure.

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