My girlfriend slapped me?

We had a big fight and she slapped me and I left and went home and she been calling my phone and I don't want to talk and she texted me 'I'm going to ur house' and I don't know what to do?
The fight was about me going hangout with my friends last time I seen them was 2 weeks ago


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  • She wants to apologize. I would seriously consider ignoring her for another day or two, she needs to be aware that slapping you is unacceptable and that she can't expect to get physical with you and be easily forgiven. Go contact for a 24-48 hours, ignore her calls and don't let her in your house.

    • thanks I wasn't going to let her in anyway

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  • What was the fight over if you don't mind me asking? Some girls need to learn that it is not acceptable to do some of the things they do just because they are mad.


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  • Women feel free to hit, it's not unusual. If you don't want to talk to her then don't. Simple.


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