Why am I into seriously troubled asshole guys?

I'm not trolling, this is a legit question.

I was looking at Dylan Roof's mugshots & arrest pics and all I could think was "Damn... this guy is hot." He doesn't look crazy. He looks angry, uneasy, bored, thoughtful, but not like he's out of his mind. Makes me want to talk to him. I just can't hate him. This doesn't mean I don't feel bad for the people he killed, African Americans are a community I respect, what happened was horrible and those families are amazing people for forgiving him after what he did but I can't hate him.

It's not just him either. There was this guy who was full of conspiracy theories and never paid attention when you talked unless you were talking about those. He was passionate about them. I thought he was cute and funny. He got himself together later on, though.

I'm vert attracted to Russian and Serbian men, who are known to be assholes, and men in uniforms. I think it may be because the human brain enjoys violence like sex. Or maybe I enjoy feeling like the sane person in the relationship.


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  • you might like being the sane one.


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  • Because that's what you think you deserve


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