Guys, I need some serious advice, brutally honest advice. I am in trouble and I need help?

I need to know what I should do about my marriage; just a few minutes ago my husband got violent and hit me while we were in the car and on top of that destoryed some of the interior and cracked the windshield and was driving erratically where we almost got into a car accident.
All because I said something he didn't like; I said he needs to do things that he promises he will do.

I have no money of my own, no house and I don't drive. I will have nothing if I divorce him.

I've been trying to figure out how to to leave for a year now; it's not always this way but when it is I worry about my future.

On top of this I am talking to a man on the Internet that's just became homeless a few months ago after losing his job and his place to live.

He really cares about me; but I am taken and really have no way out. I am stuck...

What should I do? Be honest... I'm really alone and upset right now... This has happened so many times...

Ughh... :(

if you need more info I will give some more.


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  • You said, "I will have nothing if I divorce him."

    What you would have is a life without domestic violence.

    Contact a women's shelter near you and discuss this problem. They help women in situations similar to yours all the time. That's their job.

    Once you're living independently--which is totally doable--then, after discussing the possibility openly, thoughtfully and carefully, you may choose to spend more time with the homeless guy, but you may not.

    Take care of yourself. :)

    • don't forget she could file for alimony. she'd have SOME money coming in.

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    • Normally I wouldn't respond to that kind of assertion, but she may read this. Of course no third party, having read a brief description of the situation from one of the parties involved, could conceivably be sure about any part of it. And the expectation of alimony itself could be harmful. But we can hope it would be available.

    • It's not just about him hitting me; it's the other stuff that I deal with on a daily basis.

      Nothing is never enough for him; I have to be on point all the time or he will get angry with me.

      I can't just leave because of this either; it's not so easy. there are many basic skills that I don't even know because I've been cuddled or held captive way before I married my husband and it hasn't got any better.

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  • Well I guess you won't be saying that again will you

    • Oh that's a real asshole thing to say to someone who got hit. Seems to me like you do the same thing to the women in your life.

  • Its the first time he hit you? How did he it you?

    Do you feel fear, love, or fear and love when you are with him?

    • We're working things out; he knows he needs to get his act together. He's under a lot of stress. It was a mistake. I can't throw my marriage away just because of this.

      That's all I'm going to say.

    • I understand you. Good luck then. If you believe this is just a moment, fight for the relation. ;)

  • He hit you... you need to leave


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