Should I walk away, or ask to hang out?

So about a year ago I hooked up with this guy, who is 6 years younger than me. We never really saw each other after that because we live in different towns, but we know a lot of the same people. We ran in to each other a few weeks ago at music festival and he approached me initially, but kept giving me mixed signals. He'd seek me out, flirt, give me a kiss but then leave and get preoccupied with where his friends were... or he'd text me and not respond, just little things like that. Anyways, I'm moving back in a few weeks and for whatever reason I can't stop thinking about him. Yeah he's younger, but honestly I kind of dig that and I think we'd have a lot of fun together especially since I'm not looking for anything serious at the moment at all. I'd love to shoot him a text and see if he'd be up for hanging out when I move back but I'm a little nervous given his hot/cold behaviours the other weekend. And I really don't want to be seen as the needy/deserate cougar lol. Any advice on how I should proceed?


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  • Just ask him to hang out with you and see how it goes from there...

  • walk away now.


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