Guys, I need advice on how to handle a situation with a guy I like?

A guy that i am really interested in is treating me like a booty call which i imagine i have allowed to happen [im not good at dating as I've gone from realtionship to relationship] i am really into this guy and i want the chance to at least date him and NOT be just a hookup here and there. It's not as though we have slept together a lot but i know that doing so changed things immediately. Everyone tells me to ignore his texts calls and not speak to him if i want him to chase me again but i feel like if i do that he will just move on and think i am not interested. If i want to turn his head and get him to see me in a different light what are things i can do that would give me a shot at changing our current realtionship status. I don't want to manipulate but it's clear to me now that whatever i am doing is not helping me at all.
well i was hoping for more than just two answers... i need advice on what i can do to try and expand on our relationship i am fine with him dating other people and i don't expect a relationship but i would like to date. he literally only wants to see me when he wants to fuck me and then I'm sure it's just because i am a sure bet in his mind. meanwhile when i told him that i was going to leave him alone he got angry and somehow we ended up talking again he flipped it around on me somehow


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  • its a bit too late for the hard to get option tbh , if you try to play that one he will just move on to his next conquest , that was a before sleeping together move. in all honesty I'm not sure that this can be reversed with out him just moving on down the line. you could just tell him that things just skipped a lot of important steps that you would like to take with him and see how that works

  • can't sleep with dudes too quickly there is like a 90 percent chance he will just move on if you bring up wanting a different role


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