Is there any disgusting habits your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife has?


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  • me = single. I do say weird nonsense to pick up hot girls though

    • I once did something weird right next to a hot blonde and she loved it.

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    • Cool I farted once reasonably close to the super hot and sexy blonde girl in public and she thought it was the funniest thing ever. She just lost it in laughter, she was laughing so hard she was pretty much crying of laughter and she had trouble getting herself under control again. She was laughing like this for about 1 minute solidly.

    • I would fart on the girls farting on me. if they wanted me to. I also flirted with my 3rd cousins fiancée. she may get my last name. I go to yell at a friend 4 being rude to my 3rd cousins fiancées best friend.

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