In over three years he suddenly, seriously asks "what're you thinking"?

My friends with benefits was on vacation for a week. The third to last day or so of his trip he messaged saying he'd been thinking about me and finally decided to text cause he was excited about something he'd bought me that day. We spoke from then on and the day after he arrived, he invited me over for dinner. When I got there he was finishing up dinner and then said he bought stuff to make me a special drink (which in three years has never happened) and he gave me the adorable t-shirt he got me. We hugged and it just seemed as though he hugged just a litter tighter than usual. Then he set the table with the special drink and dinner and me in the new t-shirt he gave me. Then he even put some music on, which has also never happened.

It was strange; from the moment I walked in everything felt just a little different than usual, like more of a connection or emotion.

So we ate, talked and just caught up for about an hour. We moved to the couch and I just lay across it looking up to the ceiling while he sat next to me changing the music on the computer. He then turned to me and so gently and softly said "hey", & I said "yes" without taking my gaze off the ceiling and in the same soft and gentle voice said "what are you thinking?"

After that, I turned to him and said "nothing" and he curiously said "nothing?" I said no and then distracted him and we never got back to that.

Now these things have never, ever happened. None of the above ever occurred before and we have been friends with benefits for over three years. So I'm wondering what it meant. The entire time it seemed as though he was holding back from saying something and when he asked me that it felt like he was expecting a specific answer. I'm just confused. Any advice would do. Thanks.
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  • I think he likes you as more than just friends with benefits. Because if he did all that for you when he usually never does, then he's wanting to be more. I think the reason why he asked you that was because he wanted to know what you thought about what he did for you. And *might* want to know if you like him back...

    • I thought so too. It was a much different atmosphere. I don't want to put myself out there so I didn't say anything that day. But I'm also confused cause we haven't really spoken since then. Hmmm.

    • I would just randomly bring it up to him and see what he says. I think he's waiting on you to make the next move...

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