Why would do this to me after breaking up with him?

So my ex and I broked up about 4 months ago because ofack of communication. And a month and a half later, I move on and start dating someone else. And so right after that, my ex decides to post a status about me being a cheater, liar and a hoe and that he hopes I suffer from more seizures. And then he goes and tells the world that he's been dating a girl since 2013. And so I have been ignoring him and then about a month ago, he calls me to apologize about how he treated me during and after we dated. And of course, I accepted it but I told him I still didn't want nothing to do with him and he gets pissed and starts calling me name especially when I mention about how my boyfriend makes me 100x happier. And he says I'm immature...


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  • Just ignore him. Block him off your FB or whatever and just dont talk to him at all. Just concentrate on your current relationship.


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