How should I get this girl interested through messages?

Okay so I like this girl at my school, she is the only girl I have had legit feelings for in my life so I really wanna ask her out but first I need to be friends with her, I can message her on Facebook but I'm a little worried becuase I don't like the idea of getting approached by hear at school and for her to say why did you message me or somthing, I'm also worried becuase I don't want her to see the message and not respond because I feel like things would be awkward I'm not sure if I'm overthinking all of this but I jsut wanna message her hey what's up? And that's all


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  • Okay. Couple of things

    1. Do it in person
    2. Don't chicken out when you try to approach her but get scared and start to fret because she constantly has another girl attached to her side and that makes you feel uneasy
    3. try opening with something like "oh hey, (name) can I ask you about the assignment?"


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