Started talking to this girl on a dating site and I am not sure if she wants a hook up or relationship?

I started talking to this girl on a dating site a couple weeks ago. She asked me what I was looking for at the beginning and I said I wasn't sure, I kind of wanted to play it by ear. She agreed. I am not in the same city but will be moving closer next week. I really have no idea what I want, but since I am going to be moving to a new city, I'm not sure if jumping into a relationship is the best thing for me. One big change is enough at the moment, I mainly got on the dating site to meet new people in the area because I don't know anyone there, but I was open to it getting more serious if it worked out that way.

Anyway, tonight when we were texting, it got very obvious she wants to hook up. Now, I still have reservations about dating because I have not met the girl, and I don't know what she is really like and the reason I gave above. My main question is, how do I proceed? She said I should come over to her house when I get there (she still lives pretty far away, about an hour and a half). I don't know if things have changed from her perspective in terms of what she's looking for. Should I go forward with it and essentially treat it like a hook up and if it works out it works out? My other thing I'm nervous about is that I am talking to some other girls too, nothing even remotely like this, but that's sort of the nature of the beast with online dating, that you are talking to multiple people. So should I avoid anything physical with her? Or should I go for it?


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  • Just ask. That's what the site is there for after all.

  • Go for it. Play it by ear, means you will see what happens. So you haven't promised anything. Take her out for drinks.


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