*bfs account he made a new one* I slaped him ): ?

we had a fight and I slapped him, I don't know why. He ran to his home and I ran after him but he's faste, I called bc I wanted to say sorry and prove to him I'm sorry, but he never answered and I went to his house and knocked but no awnser, I was crying boyfriend my boyfriend is so mad at me so I went sit on his lawn bc I was really sorry. How can i fix this situation?
He has a twin sister, they r best friends and they r probity talkin bad about me, I think i saw his sister walking towards my house


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  • Give him his space, sweetie, to get over his hissy fit. By chasing him and crying the blues to 'My boyfriend,' will Only make matters worse for you. He is much too mad like this wet hen to Accept any 'I'm sorry' at the moment from you or Any Other chick, should she have been the one running after him In... This situation.
    I am sure he will be calling on you when he has cooled down and thought it through. However, should he be back, leave your hands to home and No wack. This is Not the way to Handle your Rooster who may be cocky or not.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Give him some time. He's upset. He's not going to get over it that fast. Give him time to take in all that just happened. Then once he's calm hopefully he'll open up and allow you to talk to him. Until then don't try to force anything.


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  • Give him some time.. to calm down..


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