Why did she smirk?

So I have a girl that I have some friends in common with. I went shopping and I asked an worker there about something.
To my surprise it was her. I looked at her and she seemed to recognize me and for a second she made bigger eyes.

After that she had a smirk on her face and she told me that she wasn't sure if what I wanted was in stock. So I went to the computer there to search the shops inventory. She asked for me to type in the stuff.

Usually this would sometimes happen, this is not the first time had to search myself for something at that shop. But usually the people working there are very professional and do not smirk or smile at guests.

So was she hitting on me? How should I have continued the discussion with her?


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  • ... To my surprise it was her...
    I believe, @Alecu, you have nearly answered your own Question here, dear. Like you, she may have been just as Surprised to her own eyes.
    It may also have been Awkward because she probably never probably Anticipated a moment at hand, when you would show up and she would be the One who had to give The... Helping hand.
    I do not see here she was really 'Hitting on you,' and the 'Smirk' that may have Looked like she was a 'Jerk' or was Shirking you off, was her way of getting through something that she didn't want to bother herself with with Something that she knew you could 'Search myself.'
    She most likely finds you cute and this is her way of not making herself look silly or anything that could turn her face red, if you would Read Into Anything at all into her No Johnny on the spot actions And... Reactions.
    Good luck. xx

    • Than you so much, @Alecu, for the Vote of Confidence and I am confident it is this here, dear. lol:)) xxoo

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  • Smirking or smiling alone is not really enough to start thinking she was hitting on you. Don't mistake friendliness for more unless she did other things as well.

    • Nah, I just minded my own business. It takes some really obvious signs for me to hit on someone. Maybe if I go there will try to talk more to her and if she doesn't say much, then I will not bother with it.

      Also doesn't seem like she is my type, a bit full of herself so I don't care that much about her. I fell rather guilty because I may have missed a chance on the other hand I am a bit glad I got away and didn't hurt her feelings.

      I asked this partly because I might have rejected her without knowing and I felt guilty.

    • @Asker

      Yeah just go back then and maybe talk to her some more and ask her about her life :)

  • Not necessarily, she could of just been happy to see someone she knows.


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  • It is hard to tell it could have meant she likes you or just could have meant nothing at all. However, it is really weird you had to search the shops computer to see if they had stock normally the shop girl/guy does that in a shop.


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