I want to see my boyfriend more?

So before I confront my boyfriend i see him on Thursday night and Saturday night and then all day Sunday.. i want to see him more? Do you think that is a lot of time? I wish I could have one more day am i asking to much. And we have been together for a year and a few months. Am I asking for too much?


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  • No your not asking too much, just tell him that you like to see him more often


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  • You are already rich with boyfriend time this weekend!
    Do you wear things out typically?
    Before you confront anyone, why not
    1) see what his take is on frequency of visits.. too much or little?
    2) wouldn't it seem more fun for everyone to plan a long getaway weekend together? This plan skirts the issue... that could become guilt/argument about not enough time... and simply become a calendar planning task! I prefer beach vacations be they local or one of those cheap flights to all-inclusive Mexico venues


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  • No you are not, bring up moving in.


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