Will he give me a second chance? Please help I'm so confused?

We dated for 3 months and then we broke up but he went after me for 4-5 months saying I'm the girl he loves. We got back together after but I thought I was losing interest in him so I broke up with him after a short while and we didn't talk for 4 months. During that time I missed him so much but I didn't do anything because I didn't want him to feel shitty again. However, 2 days ago I saw him in someplace I went, later that day his friend told me that he was feeling angry all the time and saying things such as "I'm so annoyed that she's been on my mind for all these months" After hearing this I even felt worse because I miss him so much so I texted him just saying how are you and how we shouldn't be this cold to each other. He responded well, we even made some inside jokes and he asked me to go for a drink sometime and I said yes. I know he is a relationship right now (only for 2 months) and I know I'm not going to get close with him when we hang out but I'm still confused. Does he wants to get back together or is this just a friendly date?


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  • He want ya, miss ya and confuse just like u do. Don't play that poor guy, tell him exactly what u want. If u want him, tell him before she take him away for good.
    But if u dont, let him be. He tried so hard to move on. And if he doesn't take u back, that's the risk you have to take for dumping him.

  • maybe time will show


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