Should I contact him? what should I say?

Long story short I told a guy that I liked him right before he left for a week long scout trip (hes an assistant scout leader ) . He said he likes me too and wants to explore tgis more when he comes back.

I didn't contact him a lot during his trip because I knew he was busy. He got home yesterday but if I were him I would want to stay hme today and catch up on sleep and house work.

Im nervous that he won't contact me because he tends to get kinda shy with girls he likes. Im also worried that the week gave him time to decide if he actually likes me or not.

I guess I'm not feeling too confident.
I figured I'd text him and ask if he still wants to do go something.


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  • Worrying about if his feelings changed or not is pointless. It is beyond your control. There is no point or reason to worry about things you can't change so don't stress about that.

    Contact him yes. Ask him if he had a good trip and ask him how he is doing. Let the conversation go from there and see how he replies. If he sounds friendly and open then you can mention going out some time but preferably try to get him to initiate a actual date.


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