Am I considered a racist?

i've had experiences wih indian me. and from learning i realize that i dont like indian men. they are soo perverted and lie. all they want is sexual favor. and for this i will never get into a relationship with an indian.


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  • No it's not racists because you are intolerant towards Indian men based on your past experiences.

    You are not discriminating or treating them in a hurtful manner which displays that you are superior to their race.

    The most I would say would just be that this may be a little pre-judgemental.


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  • Nope, not racist. I don't see why you're making generalizations like that just from a single experience, but that's none of my business. You're not racist, but that's definitely stereotyping and prejudice.

    • not 'a single experience' it's been many

    • Oh whoops, I didn't realize it was more than one.

  • you've had enough negative experiences that have caused you to formulate an opinion upon Indian guys. racist? I don't think so, if your response is.. "I just don't prefer Indian men due to the encounters/experiences I have had in the past"

  • If you care what anti racists say, maybe you are.

  • Yes, you are a narrow minded, judgmental, racist.


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  • If you don't have an extreme hatred for Indian men, and feeling of superiority then
    you are not racist.

    This doesn't change the fact that you are being ignorant and judgmental.
    You've had bad experiences with Indian men.
    I know.
    But that doesn't mean you should put a bad name on all of them.
    That is generalizing.
    There are decent Indian men out there... you just have not met them yet.

    • but it happens when i meet all of them, so 100% generalizing

    • So you think it's true for all?
      Given that you have not met all Indian men?

    • ya...

  • As long as you realise that of course that is not applicable to a whole race of people, I think you are justified in your avoidance of them. I've felt that way about certain races of men in the past, too.
    But, it personally makes me feel ignorant to avoid people because of generalisations based on my experience- although it's a natural thing to do, I don't like when it's done to me. I would feel uncomfortable doing that, but I totally appreciate why someone would.

  • I wouldn't say so, you're probably judging them based on your experience but just because you wouldn't date them it doesn't make you a racist, they're just not on your radar when it comes to dating.

  • You're not racist, but you're prejudiced against Indian men, due to your bad experiences.


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