Why won't my boyfriend tell me whats going on?

In a long distance relationship for 8 months. My boyfriend has 3 kids and cares for them full time. Well the last couple of weeks the ex wife starting showing up to see the 8 year old (the older kids don't want any thing to do with her she just up and left 2 years ago and has little contact with them) he tells me its because the 8 year old talk about me all the time, no problem I think maybe its a good thing every child needs there mother and I have no problem with her being in her life. The ex also informs him that she now has a job and is thing about moving back into the same town he lives in also, I think it a great idea maybe she will be the mother they need. Here the thing he also told me that she has said something about me staying at his house when the kids are home. In there divorice it state no over night guest of the oppoiste sex well this has not been any problem for 8 months but now it is. my problem is that my boyfriend has told me all of this trough text I have told him we need to talk and for him to call me. He always has an excuse he will admit we need to talk and he also, has told me he care very deeply for me. How can I get him to call me ( when I call it just goes to his voice mail) I know if we could just talk we could work through this together. Why want he talk to me about it and how can I get him to.. I can't just jump in the vehicle and drive he live 6 hours away. Does not texting him and making he think I'm upset going to get him to call me and I don't want to sound like a broken record telling him to call me. Please any advise would be great... before the ex came back it was great...


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  • you should leave him.


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