What's the craziest first date experience that you've had?

Let's see who has the best!


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What Guys Said 1

  • this is the worst. It wasn't really a date but meh.

    so this girl and I went for food okay, it was a nice meal nothing really happened we joked around a lot and she asked if she wanted to stay around mine, my flat is kind of close and we were quite drunk by the time with got back. now, we stopped outside my building that I live in whist at university. and she pulled out some weed from her bag. now I've smoked weed when I Was younger age 15 to 17. now I don't smoke anymore and she offered me some. I took it like a champ as we headed up to my flat I got a drink from the kitchen and came into my she was naked... and sex whist drunk and high. doesn't really work that well mainly if one of us falls asleep. and by that I mean I feel asleep. this is the worst thing that has happened to me.


What Girls Said 1

  • this guy was just a total weirdo! i can't believe i ever went out with him.


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