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I'm one of those shy guys and I have never been in relationship before and I am rarely talk to girls and if I am to I asked one of my friend to answer or to talk instead of me lately I have grown feelings to a girl in my college and this girl is some how a popular girl in my college and a lot of guys want to be in relationship with her., she refused a lot of them and I finally decided that I should put an end to my shyness and take a step to tell her that I really like her and what do you think is the best way to tell her that a I am nervous to tell her that face to face shoudl I text her ,, but surely she will ignores my message so I need your help
What's your advice


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  • she won't ignore you

    • What makes you sure of this !!!

What Guys Said 1

  • Jesus this was difficult to read.

    Anyway, I would recommend lowering your standards.

    • Difficult to read - _-

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