Girls, do you know of or are you one of those girls who ALWAYS seems to revisit a certain guy or ex?

If so why? I know a lot of girls who will post something like "3 years going strong" ... but they've been seperated or apart for several months at a time.. dated one guy for a year then maybe went back.. rarely ever on good terms for an extended period of time.. but these girls still seem to "carry" the relationship several years after.


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  • Yes, I am one of those girls. Or used to be, I'm pretty sure I've kicked that nasty habit for good. I loved my ex and I was convinced that he was the guy for me. It didn't help that every time we broke up or hit a rocky patch, he would always tell me that "he didn't know if he saw a future, but he felt very strongly about me and that he didn't feel the way he felt about me about anybody else". So our "break-ups/breaks/whatnots" never had a ring of finality to them, and he would also keep in contact and just express enough interest to keep me hoping that we would get back together again (which we did, three times).

    Looking back, I think I acted that way because he was my first real boyfriend - we dated on and off from 2010 to the beginning of this year - and I just didn't really know that what we felt for each other probably wasn't healthy for either one of us and that it's not normal to keep breaking up. If all you do is make each other unhappy most of the time even though you really do care about each other, then you're probably not meant to be together. Wish I had known that 5 years ago... but I guess I'm a slow learner. Hope this helps.

    My best friend in highschool also did the same thing over three years, and looking back, I think it was also because it was her first relationship and she didn't know that it should not be like that.


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  • I personally don't know anyone like that because I don't hang around with morons.


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