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I was out for a quiet drink two nights ago and I got chatting to a guy who I ended up exchanging numbers with after he asked to take me out. He actually was very shy and his friend approached me and my friend first, but He ended up dropping me home that night so the following evening I messeged him to thank him again for the lift etc. we sent a couple of msgs back and forth today (long delays in between) each contained jokes and 'banter'. Since the long delays in him replying I get the feeling that he maybe isn't a texter or doesn't want to ask me out anymore, do guys reply to messeges for the sake of replying?


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  • Guys aren't usually as big into texting as girls. Nor do we read into texting as much as girls. So when it comes to texting, you can't or shouldn't put a whole lot of steak into what is being texted so much, rather their interest in going out and spending time with you. The long delays just means he doesn't want to overwhelm you or make you feel like he has nothing better to do. Just wait until he decides to actually ask you out and see it you'd like to go on a date with him. If he takes too long, text him asking if he's still interested in taking you out, since he was the one who had asked.

    • You're right, he did ask me first. It's only been a couple of days though so I'll wait for a bit. How can I ask without sounding too forward?

    • Keep it casual, just like us. Text him and after he texts for a bit say, 'hey, did you still want to hang out?' Keep it simple and he'll catch on

  • Most likely.


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