I'm feeling over whelmed?

I have been chatting to a guy from a dating site for just over a week he's lovely :-) but he is so into me ! I'm feeling over whelmed by it all. He messages me all the time and good morning texts it's sweet. He has told his friends about me and his friends joke with him saying he's in love ! Lol. He calls me on his night shift breaks etc I don't know how to take all this in ! I'm like wow !! What do you think?
We haven't met each other yet but we are planing to at the end of this month


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  • For me personally, that would be too much and I would probably run for the hills and congratulate myself for avoiding sooo many calls. Not at all my idea of a good relationship with anyone! I guess everyone has different preferences though, and he does probably mean it in a sweet way. Have you met him in person?

    • No but we want to at the end of this month. We added each other on fb and he's been very open and obvious to his friends that he likes me because his friends are asking about who I am. I'm flattered !! But all seems so soon. We talked on the phone and we both agree it feels like we have known each other for ages. I just don't know how to feel about it all

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