Introvert or Player? How to tell?

So how (if you can even) tell if a guy really is an introvert or just playing you?

We met, hooked up. Then lived in separate cities (then countries) until now. I'm into him. And from what he's told me he's into me. But he's always cautious to ask me to let him know when I move on and all to some other guy. And although at first he was the one initiating contact, and I didn't exactly return said messages "on time". Now it's the reverse. And he's telling me he was always shy (but made an effort at first) and that he really appreciates me writing. But it's only once in a blue moon that he'll initiate talk.

I don't want to write it off as disinterest (based on what he's telling me). But I might be really naive. So what? He's playing me right?


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  • It's possible he's both.

    • True. But how exactly does that play out? I always associate being a player with being extroverted.

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    • You're right. I didn't think about it that way. I'm guessing that's what I'm dealing with here...

    • Probably, only he knows his intentions though.

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