My girlfriend has turned into a bad person?

I used to love my relationship with my girlfriend but she has changed. She used to be sweet girl but ever since getting a little bit of money she has changed. She blows me off all the time to shop with her friends.. She made me cut my vacation short and come home because she told me that her grandmother was sick and turned out she was lying.. Who does that? When I found out and went back she called me a pig. She was never like this. So I moved in with my brother and I actually love it here.. but now she's telling me I have to come home because she's pregnant.. I know this may be a trap but I have been sleeping with her unprotected and if she is pregnant I want to be there for my child.. What should I do?


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  • You're only complicating the situation by having un-protected sex with her.
    What if she does turn out pregnant?
    Do you think a baby will change her?
    People change because they want to!
    Not because they have a kid in this world.
    You're only going to further complicate your situation... be smart, and don't do it!!

    I don't understand how "money" changed your girlfriend.
    Perhaps there's more things going on that you don't know.
    Someone that is humble doesn't let money change them.
    You need to try to talk to her about what's going on.

    If she doesn't want to help you make things better... you have to leave.
    One thing you can walk away with is your pride and dignity.
    Don't let her take that away from you.


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  • It sounds like your girlfriend has turned into a bit of a bitch, sorry I am not trying to be mean about her but her behaviour sucks and is not acceptable. Has she been to the doctor to see if she really is pregnant? Maybe you should try asking her and see how she reacts?


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  • Well that was pretty stupid sleeping with her if she's that awful.


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  • that could explain the change.


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