Did I mess things up?

I went out for the first time with a new guy about a week ago. I had a great time but the next day I hadn't really heard from him so I texted him fully expecting to be ignored. Instead, he asked me out. I went to meet him at a bar but when I got there I felt out of place because I have some social anxiety and this place was new to me. Then there was some game on so he barely spoke three words to me. I felt embarrassed so I told him I had to leave and left. I did apologize for leaving and he apologized for not being talkative but now I haven't heard from him. Do you think there's still a chance or should I just move on?


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  • Move the hell on he probs really likes ur company or aura if he's spiritual but I don't think a realationship is in the works as well if this is new to u or the last time u were heartbroken then I'd say stay in your comfort zone. I think that's what's important. PumPumPanda


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  • You should give it one more go if you really like him. Just be honest with him say you were uncomfortable in the bar and felt out of place. And suggested somewhere to meet that you think would be a good idea.


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  • Sounds like you were both nervous. Set up a new date, because he surely won't.


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